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Dog Grooming Services in Preston

On arrival your pet will receive a basic health check. This is a visual inspection of your pet, checking eyes, ears, skin, paws and oral health as well as coat condition. It is important to take into consideration your dog’s lifestyle, skin condition, health issues and the condition of the coat, as these factors can determine the way in which your dog can be styled.

Top Barks treats each dog as unique, therefore please contact the salon for a

guide price for your pet. Our prices are based on breed, style and finish required,

coat type and condition and frequency of coat maintenance.

Bath & Dry

The bath and blow-dry is a very popular service, perfect for those dogs that love

rolling in all things smelly and those that moult heavily.

A brush out or de-shed treatment, followed with warm water and natural shampoos

and conditioner if required, that best suit your dogs skin and coat are used to

thoroughly cleanse your dog from nose to tail. This helps to expel any unwanted

loose coat and dander leaving your dog looking and smelling gorgeous and feeling

great! A facial may also be required to help lifting everyday staining from the eye and

mouth areas, more noticeably seen on lighter coloured coats. Nails and ears are

also checked, cut, cleaned and plucked if necessary. A quick splash of fragrance

finishes your pets bath & dry appointment.

Full Groom

A Top Barks full groom includes the bath and dry as well as coat styling. Dependant on your pet’s breed and coat type, styling will include clipping and/or scissor work or hand stripping.

Vicky is trained in the traditional, breed standard trims or alternatively can groom to your personal specifications.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming appointments are also available should your pet require a pawdicure between regular visits to the salon.

Additional fees may be applied to your grooming bill should your pet have fleas or any other parasite. If you believe your dog may have fleas, or may have come into contact with another animal that suffers, please contact the salon prior to the appointment.